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Brian and Herm Edwards

December 23, 2008

In this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King tells a funny story about how well running back Leon Washington has worked out as the fourth round pick the Jets received as compensation when then head coach Herm Edwards left for the Chiefs. King writes:

Remember at the time how the Jets got bashed for not getting enough for Edwards? I’d say Washington is plenty good: 2,187 yards from scrimmage (5.6 yards per touch from scrimmage) and 18 touchdowns in his three years as a change-of-pace back; this year, he leads all NFL players with 10 gains of more than 40 yards. In Edwards’ three years, he’s coached one playoff team, has a record of 15-33, and is on thin ice as the Chiefs move to replace Carl Peterson soon after the season.

Well, King, I actually didn’t remember there being an uproar over this coach-for-draft pick exchange so I went back and checked what you wrote at the time (January 2006). Here’s your take on what happened.

Why is the league sitting idly by and basically allowing coaches to be traded for draft choices? Is it in the best interests of the league for a coach with a perfectly valid contract to be traded? And to be traded for the absurdly low price of a fourth-round draft pick?  Do you honestly think the value of a coach who has led his team to the playoffs in three of his five seasons is worth a four? That’s absurd enough. But the NFL, in letting a trade like this to happen, is prolonging a practice that is slowly but surely become a sordid, greedy part of the NFL.

I guess when King writes that “the Jets got bashed,” he really means, “I bashed the Jets.” King, please write what you mean, and besides, you enhance your arguments when you write in the active voice. C’mon, that’s Writing 101.