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King Says, Benji Says (Week 16)

December 27, 2009

How about this for a late stocking stuffer? His Majesty and I, due to a series of food and spiked eggnog-related incidents, ran short of time this weekend. Thus, you have far less to read this week! Give your eyes and brain a much-needed rest and grab an adult beverage of your choice. The holidays only come once a year, after all…

Last Week:

Peter King (10-6)

Benji (9-7)

Brian (7-9)


Peter King (153-71)

Benji (151-73)

Brian (141-84)

Games we disagree on:

Oakland Raiders (5-9) at Cleveland Browns (3-11)

King Says:

I give Derek Anderson the edge between backup quarterbacks in the Bad Teams Having Good Decembers Bowl.

Prediction: Cleveland Browns 26, Oakland Raiders 23

Benji Says:

What exactly has Derek Anderson done so far this season that leads you to believe he is a benefit to his team? I guess it must have been that win that he led the Browns to against the Bills when he masterfully completed 2 of 17 passing attempts. I guess anything could happen in this game, but at least the Raiders have some semblance of a defense…

Prediction: Oakland Raiders 17, Cleveland Browns 13

Baltimore Ravens (8-6) at Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7)

King Says:

I’m just following recent history. The last four games in this series have been decided by 3, 4, 6, and 9 points. This is a playoff game for both teams, and no two teams in the NFL hate each other as much as these two. I expect the most physical game of the weekend.

Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 17, Baltimore Ravens 16

Benji Says:

Thanks for the history lesson, Your Majesty, because it reminded me of something–I felt very strongly last season that these two teams were evenly matched and the Steelers won all three very close games in the series. How many times can two equal teams play each other (I’m discounting the Ravens’ win earlier this season when Big Ben was out) before the coin comes up tails instead of heads? I’m also not convinced that the Steelers’ defense is capable of containing Baltimore’s star running back, Ray Rice…

Prediction: Baltimore Ravens 28, Pittsburgh Steelers 24

Buffalo Bills (5-9) at Atlanta Falcons (7-7)

King Says:

Bills have franchise-record 18 players on injured-reserve. I wouldn’t be surprised if ace Bills PR man Scott Berchtold puts out this press release sometime this weekend: “Entire Bills Roster Placed On IR; Toronto Argonauts Roster Signed For Final Two Weeks.”

Prediction: Atlanta Falcons 30, Buffalo Bills 13

Benji Says:

I may regret this pick, but I just can’t bring myself to go with the Falcons after seeing what their secondary is (in)capable of. The Bills, if nothing else, have a couple of deep threat receivers in Terrell Owens and Lee Evans. The Falcons are just a mess right now on offense and defense…

Prediction: Buffalo Bills 23, Atlanta Falcons 16

As for the rest of the games:

King and Benji Say:

Patriots over Jaguars

Bengals over Chiefs

Dolphins over Texans

Packers over Seahawks

Giants over Panthers

Saints over Buccaneers

49ers over Lions

Cardinals over Rams

Colts over Jets

Eagles over Broncos

Cowboys over Redskins

Vikings over Bears