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I wouldn’t “Banks” on it

September 9, 2008

Well, I’m annoyed that Peter King didn’t mess up any stats, say anything infuriating, or pontificate like a doofus in his MMQB this week. I’m sure I can find something, but I’ve made two passes over the article and nothing sticks out [editor’s note: we found some things].

Luckily for me, there is always Don Banks, another “esteemed” NFL writer for who churns out articles that demand constructive criticism. While it’s usually best to approach Banks with a “Don’t ever read Don Banks” attitude, desperate times call for desperate Don.

In Banks’s Week 1 Snap Shots, he wrote, Just last week I predicted that this would be the year that New England’s luck ran out and it would have to make due without Brady for a time,” and he hyperlinked to the part where he predicted the injury. Not believing that he could have predicted something correctly, I checked his earlier article. Here is his prediction that he “got right:”

Speaking of ironman quarterbacks, this will be the year New England finally has to come face to face with its greatest fear: Trying to win a game or three without Tom Brady. We’re not predicting major gloom and doom for the Patriots, like a season-ending whatever to the league’s reigning MVP. But with New England’s offensive line suddenly a point of real concern, protecting the Franchise won’t be as seamless as the Patriots have made it look in recent years.

I do think that Banks deserves half credit, because he got the Brady injury part half right. But he needs to acknowledge that his words were, “[I’m] not predicting. . . a season-ending injury,” and Brady subsequently had a season-ending injury; he cannot rightfully claim to have correctly predicted something that he actually claimed WOULD NOT happen.