Not Without My Tight End!


Peter King let out another one (so to speak). Check out this gem from this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback:

When we talk about the great tight ends, we too often forget Antonio Gates.

Now I’m not sure whom King is referring to, because I sure have not forgotten that Antonio Gates is a good tight end. He has made the Pro Bowl five straight times; he is a two time All-Pro tight end; and, since 2004, only Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss, and Terrell Owens (all wide receivers) have more receiving touchdowns. I’m pretty sure everyone I know is well aware that Gates is one of the league’s premiere tight ends and has been for quite some time. Furthermore, he is owned in 100 percent of ESPN’s fantasy football leagues and is consistently one of the first tight ends drafted. Writers and fans alike are well aware of this “under the radar” star. But of course Peter King forgets to mention him when writing about the great tight ends…or does he? Here’s what King had to say TWO WEEKS AGO:

f. Owen Daniels tearing his ACL is such a shame. He was battling Dallas Clark and Antonio Gates for top tight end in the AFC. Houston will miss him. Matt Schaub trusted him to run perfect routes.

I guess King forgot that he didn’t forget to include Gates in the “great tight end” discussion. Man, I wish I could not forget to forget King…


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    […] than its tall receivers and its perennial Pro Bowl tight end (Antonio Gates) being overlooked (see Brian’s post from last week)? How about this: the Chargers have a major talent advantage over the Chiefs and should win this […]

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