King Says, Benji Says (Week 10 Early Edition)



As you probably inferred from our photo shoot, I am ecstatic about the early return of Thursday Night Football. Who wouldn’t be excited about having to submit an early pick/watch a Thursday night game every week for the rest of the year? Certainly not the NFL, because an extra televised game on its own network would in no way help to fill the league’s coffers with additional revenue…

Chicago Bears (4-4) at San Francisco 49ers (3-5)

King Says:

If the 49ers are losing because they added a really good player, Michael Crabtree, to the lineup out of nowhere, then I would say the 49ers were a house made of toothpicks. Which is to say: I’m not buying they’re 0-3 with Crabtree because of Crabtree.

Prediction: San Francisco 49ers 23, Chicago Bears 13

Benji Says:

Exhibit A: A textbook example of an over-caffeinated football monarch’s propensity for inventing inane arguments solely for the sake of disproving them. No one…I repeat, NO ONE has implied that the 49ers’ recent struggles have anything to do with rookie wide receiver Michael Crabtree’s insertion into the line-up. In fact, pretty much every sportswriter I’ve read has suggested that San Francisco’s passing game is better because he is a part of it. Does that mean that the 49ers are good? No, because their defense (particularly the secondary) has played at a much lower level than it did earlier in the year, and their quarterbacks (be it Shaun Hill or Alex Smith) have struggled to take care of the ball. The Bears look like a team going in the wrong direction though—they didn’t put up any sort of fight at all against Arizona until the Cardinals had already stopped playing. Extended garbage time points may count in the box score, but they are irrelevant to the discerning football observer…

Prediction: San Francisco 49ers 30, Chicago Bears 17


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3 Responses to “King Says, Benji Says (Week 10 Early Edition)”

  1. a detractor Says:

    Stop blocking comments from being posted and take criticism like men. If you can be hard on Peter King, let others do it to you.

    Like Brian’s playoff picks. You know football? Redskins atop the NFC East? Saints out of the playoffs? Cowboys and Romo “can’t get it done?” Expert analysis right there.

    Do I need to make a “Benji and Brian = doofuses” blog?

  2. benjibrian Says:

    Hey look we have a reader. that’s more than we ever could have hoped.
    Your last comments we’re a little vulgar, feel free to post comments but keep it PG.

    We would love to have a Benji and Brian = Doofus blog, but you’d probably have more ammo on benji.
    Also, I think i did pretty damn well on my picks for the season, yea, you picked the one’s i messed up, but everything else i’m sticking with, i’m positive that’s better than The Doofus. Now my overall picks record on the other hand. . .

  3. benjibrian Says:

    Hey there, detractor. We actually thought your original comment was pretty funny, but as Brian stated above, we want to keep things “PG” (i.e. same appropriateness level as King’s writing) on this blog. Feel free to call us out as much as you want. I assure you we can take it…


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