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February 28, 2009


His Majesty,’s number one Patriots fan, has dazzled his readers over the past few months with confident claims that suggested he had the “inside scoop” on quarterback Matt Cassel’s future.

Back in the Week 9 edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, King had this to say about the possible “franchising” of Cassel:

I said on NBC last night that Matt Cassel will be in a unique position after the season. In this day and age, it’s highly rare that a young starting quarterback, playing well, would hit the open market. But Cassel, 26, will almost certainly not be tagged by the Patriots after the season, and the team will risk losing him unless Tom Brady looks like he’ll have problems returning from his knee surgery for the start of the 2009 season.

In Week 11, he reiterated his stance that the Patriots would not put the franchise tag on Cassel:

Write this down: The only way they’ll tag Cassel is if Tom Brady’s knee rehab takes a major turn for the worse, to the point the Pats don’t feel confident Brady will be ready to start the 2009 season. That’s it. Because the NFLPA won’t allow teams to franchise players if they have no intention of keeping them, the Patriots won’t be able to franchise Cassel if they intend to trade him. So, barring a Brady setback, expect Cassel to be a free-agent and end up making $9 million a year with (pick one) Minnesota, Detroit, San Francisco, St. Louis or whatever team Josh McDaniels coaches in 2009, should he be fortunate enough to get a head-coaching job.

Not only did I “write this down,” Your Majesty, I saved the link so I could share it with everyone on the internet. As we all know, the Patriots did “franchise” Cassel, and based on the quick timing on today’s trade, did so without the intention of keeping him on the team for next season.

The best stop on this trip down the Royal Memory Lane, however, comes more recently. In the February 9th edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, The King had this to say about the possibility of Cassel being traded to the Chiefs:

That leaves Cassel’s old pal Pioli. I think Cassel and Todd Haley would make beautiful music together. The Hunt family wouldn’t grouse at the money. But I say no — not because Pioli doesn’t love the kid. I say no because of Pioli’s history. The Patriots took Tom Brady with the 199th pick in 2000. They took Cassel with the 230th pick in 2005. Let’s say the Patriots asked Kansas City for its second-round pick in 2009 and 2010. Pioli values picks in the 30s the way most team value picks in the teens. I’d be stunned if he did it. I think he’d trust Haley to pick a Josh Freeman in this draft in the third round, let’s say, and work with Freeman, Brodie Croyle and Tyler Thigpen over the next couple of years and say, “Let the best man win.”

Whoops. As confirmed today in a “breaking news” story by His Majesty, New England agreed to trade Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel in exchange for the Chiefs’ second round draft pick. In the wake of this “stunning acquisition” (to use His Majesty’s words), methinks The King should start looking for some new sources…or learn to stop treating blind speculation as journalism.