King Says, Benji Says (Super Bowl Edition)



The outcome of the “real” Super Bowl has yet to be decided, but the winner of the King/Benji/Brian picking title has already been crowned. So what if I went 0-2 last week…the Super Bowl was already mine! Did you hear that, Your Majesty? The Super Bowl is ALL MINE! Unless you ask really nicely, in which case I might offer you and Brian some popcorn too…

Last Week:

Peter King (1-1)
Benji (0-2)
Brian (1-1)


Peter King (5-5)
Benji (7-3)
Brian (5-5)

Regular Season:

Peter King (162-93-1)
Benji (155-100-1)
Brian (166-89-1)

Pittsburgh Steelers (14-4) at Arizona Cardinals (12-7) (Neutral Site)

The King Says:

Why the Steelers will win: I see the Steelers not doing anything revolutionary on defense, just playing their base defense more than anyone does against the Cardinals. They’ll keep safeties Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark back in two-deep coverage on most snaps and make the Cards take 12 or 13 plays to score. If Arizona can do that and win, then God bless ’em.

Don’t take it to the bank, but…I think Kurt Warner will play well, not give the ball away, and will have a chance to win it in the last 10 minutes. I just think Pittsburgh will make more plays on defense than any other team Arizona has seen in the playoffs.
The Super Bowl MVP will be… Willie Parker

Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 24, Arizona Cardinals 21

Benji Says:

The Steelers may win this game, Your Majesty, but there is no way in hell that Pittsburgh running back Willie Parker will be the MVP. Parker played well against the Chargers (a team with a terrible defense) but was awful (24 carries for 47 yards and a lost fumble) against the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game. I’m not sure if the Arizona pass defense is for real, but I know that the Cardinals can stop the run. The Pittsburgh offense will be almost solely in the (shaky) hands of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The real story in this game will be the match-up between Arizona’s passing game and Pittsburgh’s top-rated defense. If someone from Pittsburgh wins the Super Bowl MVP, it will likely be a defensive player. Otherwise, I expect it will be an offensive player from the Cardinals. My pick is wide receiver Anquan Boldin. The Steelers’ defense will focus on top wide-out Larry Fitzgerald (who has been brilliant in the first three rounds), leaving Boldin with a chance to perform on the big stage and earn a new contract in the off-season. As good as the Steelers’ defense is, much of its success is based on its perpetually changing pass-rushing schemes. The Cardinals have had two weeks to break down film and their coach, Ken Wisenhunt, was Pittsburgh’s offensive coordinator during its recent Super Bowl run and thus knows the ins and outs of defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau’s defense as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the Pittsburgh offense. The last time that these two teams met, back at the beginning of Wisenhunt’s tenure as the Arizona head coach, the result was a stunning victory for the then lowly Cardinals. Willie Parker’s stats in that game? 19 carries for 37 yards. I believe that history will repeat itself on Sunday night…

Prediction: Arizona Cardinals 23, Pittsburgh Steelers 16


Brian’s Turn:

I’m going with the Steelers, with Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu as Super Bowl MVP. I really don’t think the Cards are on the same level as the Steelers. Maybe the Cards will stay hot; maybe they’ll finally come crashing down. I will honestly root for the Cards though. I liked it when the 9ers were the first team to five Super Bowl victories and I don’t want the Steelers to be the first to six. Then again, the 9ers have never lost a Super Bowl, so they have that going for them. I wonder if I have to become a Giants fan now. . .


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