Pennington’s Market Value



This week in MMQB Tuesday Edition, a reader suggests that the Dolphins take Chad Pennington and trade him while he is at his highest value, then continue the rebuilding process with a young QB. From the Reader:

NOT A GOOD PLAN, ADAM. From Adam Walberg, of London, Ontario: “Despite their season, the Fins are still re-building. The schedule won’t be as easy next year and Pennington has a history of regressions and injuries. With what may end up being a career year [for Pennington], coupled with a few teams in need of a QB, and the dearth of available ones, I think the Fins should deal him for picks. Surely the Vikings, Bears, Panthers and Bucs would have a level of interest. A first-round pick isn’t out of the question. Not bad for something they got for free just last year.”

King’s response:

I doubt anyone would pay a first-round pick for a quarterback who might (might, I emphasize) have two or three years left, and who has just a so-so arm. Plus, the Dolphins don’t want to give away a sure thing when they’ve got to compete against the Patriots every year.

King downgrades Pennington as a player with questionable arm strength and a looming retirement, but then in the next sentence calls him a “sure thing” for Miami’s yearly battles with the Patriots. Certainly a “sure thing” would be worth some draft picks (maybe even a first rounder). Furthermore, if Pennington might only have a few years left, and King is concerned that the Dolphins play the Patriots every year, it seems logical that they get a QB for the future. Peter, how can Pennington be a “sure thing” to go against the Patriots every year and also be a weak-armed passer with maybe two years left in his career? Your logic eats itself.


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