King Loves Me? King Loves Me Not?


Based on The King’s columns so far this season, one would be forced to conclude that His feelings for New England Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel are, dare I say, a teeny bit fickle?

Let’s recap His Majesty’s thoughts about Cassel after each of his five starts this season:

After a 19-10 Patriots win over the Jets in Week Two for which The King bestowed upon Cassel one of his highly esteemed Offensive Player of the Week awards:

A workmanlike day (16 of 23, 165 yards, no touchdowns or picks), but let’s realize what this man did. In his first start in the NFL, and his first start at quarterback since a high school playoff game in 1999, he jogged onto Favre’s new home field Sunday in New Jersey, and beat one of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time.

After a 38-13 loss to the Dolphins in Week Three:

With the bye week coming up, the question is whether New England will try to persuade Vinny Testaverde to come out of retirement at 44, or look elsewhere for quarterback help. Cassel looked really bad…

After a 31-20 win over the 49ers in Week Five:

The hounds have been released. Matt Cassel has been allowed to throw it way far downfield. See that smile on the sidelines from Randy Moss?

After a 30-10 loss to the Chargers:

Fairly predictable result last night. Chargers have a quarterback you can trust. Patriots don’t. Doesn’t Philip Rivers throw a beautiful deep ball?

And, finally, after the 41-7 win over the Broncos on Monday Night:

After statistically comparing Matt Cassel to Tom Brady in Brady’s first season, King concludes:

Eerie. And a good reason to think the Patriots have a heck of a chance to be playing January football without the best player in football.

Each week, long after Tuesday practice has ended and all of his teammates have showered and gone home, Matt Cassel sits by himself in the corner of the Patriots’ locker room with a freshly picked daisy and a laptop and reads King’s latest column, whimsically wondering aloud, “King loves me? King loves me not?”


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