Fantasy Land


In this week’s MMQB, The King gave out a little piece of fantasy football advice, and I have inexplicably decided to listen to him.

6. I think if I had a spare spot on my fantasy team, I’d claim Ryan Torain, injured rookie Denver running back. Just do it. You’ll thank me when you win your league.

My team, the Green Mountain Boys, currently resides in second place in my eight-team fantasy football league. I have been happy with my team’s performance thus far this season, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to win my league. Thus, under His Majesty’s guidance, I have dropped injured Bengals backup running back Kenny Watson in favor of the immortal Ryan Torain, in the hopes of putting my team over the top. I believe that Torain will be the good luck charm that my talented squad has been missing. While His Majesty did not explicitly state his reasoning for his belief that Torain will help me “win [my] league”, I can only assume that he also sees Torain as the fantasy equivalent of a lucky penny or a rabbit’s foot. After all, in order to even have the opportunity to become a relevant fantasy player, the injured Torain would have to beat out three players currently ahead of him on the Broncos’ depth chart: a respected veteran (Michael Pittman) and two younger backs (Selvin Young and Andre Hall) who have run the ball quite successfully thus far this season (averaging 6.2 and 4.9 yards per carry respectively). Assuming that Torain did beat out these three players for the starting job, he would still need to hope for injuries to all three of them, assuring himself a full load of carries. Mike Shanahan has shown over the past few seasons that he is committed to a running back timeshare, no matter who his backs are and thus none of his running backs this season are likely to be consistent fantasy scorers regardless of how successful the Broncos are at running the ball. Finally, Denver’s offensive philosophy this season has been to pass whenever possible—and with a defense that would have difficulty stopping a college intramural team, I expect that to continue to be the case for the rest of the year.

But I am sure that His Majesty was not implying that Torain would be a high-scoring fantasy player by the season’s end; I just think that we are both very superstitious guys. Has anyone seen my lucky thong?


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One Response to “Fantasy Land”

  1. benjibrian Says:

    well done my friend, i love the picture. i’ll try to write something one of these days, i haven’t even had time to read about what’s going on this week in football. i’ll do it though, don’t worry

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