King “Grieses” the stat-line


Well, make it two weeks in a row for King beating me with his picks. Part of me is worried because the whole premise of our site loses credibility if we can’t out-pick King. At least I’m doing better than Benji. . .

There is one thing that I can control, however, and that is proving King wrong. So let’s get started. In Week 3’s Monday Morning Quarterback, King makes the following statement regarding Brian Griese:

All Griese did was throw 22 straight passes in the last seven minutes of regulation to bring the Bucs back from a 24-14 deficit, then lead a 90-yard OT drive to win it. Along the way, he attempted the second-most passes — 67 — ever thrown in an NFL game.

Now I don’t go and look up every single claim that King makes, it would take too long, but I knew this one was incorrect. SportsCenter showed a list of the most pass attempts in a single game on last night’s program, and I remember that Griese was further down the list. This list can be found here, and reveals that Griese, while quite prolific last night, ranks no higher than fifth all-time for passes attempted in a single game. While not a huge mistake on King’s part, if he is going to go to the trouble of referencing the record books, he should take the time to fact check said records.

I have reproduced the table from the NFL record books. The number preceding the name is the pass attempts for that game :

70 Drew Bledsoe, New England vs. Minnesota, Nov. 13, 1994 (OT)

69 Vinny Testaverde, N.Y. Jets vs. Baltimore, Dec. 24, 2000

68 George Blanda, Houston vs. Buffalo, Nov. 1, 1964
Jon Kitna, Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh, Dec. 30, 2001 (OT)


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