More Week 2 Stuff


(King quotes from this week’s MMQB in italics)

e. I’d like JaMarcus Russell to look a little better than six of 17 for 55 yards at a poor Kansas City team early in year two if I were a Raiders follower.

Hey, I’m allowed to nitpick. Technically it is “year two” for JaMarcus Russell, but he only made one start last season. King’s statement could mislead a less informed football fan into believing that Russell has a full season of starting under his belt. In reality, this was only Russell’s third game as a starter AND his team won.

h. The one crazy stat that’s incongruous to me: Against Buffalo and San Francisco, two teams with middle-rung offenses at best, Seattle’s allowed 67 points.

The 49ers returned an interception 86 yards for a touchdown in Week 2.

The Bills had two special teams touchdowns in their win against Seattle in Week 1.

That’s a total of 21 points scored by non-offensive units. Seattle’s defense still allowed a lot of points in the first two weeks of the season (46), but it is misleading for King to place the blame for Seattle’s woes solely upon its shoulders.


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