Brady: GOAT (Greatest Of All Time?)


I really hate using my “Ace in the hole” right away like this, but Mr. Doofus said something that cannot be ignored. In this week’s MMQB Tuesday Edition, King responds to an emailer’s question about Tom Brady’s legacy with the following quote:

“Not sure I’ve heard anyone call Brady the greatest of all-time.”

Knowing King’s work as well as I do, I knew it wouldn’t be very hard to find a quote contradicting this statement from one of King’s own articles. And, lo and behold, I did:

“Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are already among the alltime greats.” Nov. 6th 2007

I love it when he makes declarative sentences because that is usually when he gets himself into trouble later on. But as this second quote from Oct 27th 2007 reveals, he can also be done in by what he “thinks:”

Tony Kornheiser asked Ron Jaworski Monday night on ESPN who he thought is better right now — Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Jaworski looked like he’d rather answer this question: “Which of your daughters is your favorite?” The answer is simple. We’re living in an era with three of the best 10 quarterbacks (Manning, Brady, Brett Favre) ever to play. We’ll have years to debate what order you’d put them in, and more great ones will be added as time passes. But I go back to point one: To pick one is not to discredit another.

Two years ago, I’d have picked Brady, based on his tradition of winning and being able to win a game when the whole thing was put on his shoulders. After 2006, I’d have picked the monkey-off-his-back Manning — and I did pick him as the best player in football in that list of 500 players you all loved so much.

Now? I’d probably sway back to Brady, because he has shown how dominant he can be with a big-league receiving stable. I wish we’d have heard what Jaws really thought last night, because he watches each guy on game tape every week, but he ended up flipping a coin to make his choice. I think these two quarterbacks will rank in the top five of all time. Maybe 1-2, in some order. To say 15 years ago you liked Marino over Elway wasn’t a knock on Elway. Same thing now.

These two quotes from King’s archives serve to reveal that not only did SOMEONE suggest that Brady might be the best quarterback of all-time, but that King himself has been an active participant in this line of discussion on more than one occasion, which completely contradicts his statement from this Tuesday.


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