Favre Favre Favre Patriots!


In this week’s MMQB Tuesday Edition, King wrote the following with regards to Brett Favre’s retirement status and the Patriots’ quarterback situation in the aftermath of Tom Brady’s season-ending knee injury:

But my very, very strong opinion is that had Favre stayed retired, and if Brady got hurt, and if the Patriots came calling (which they most certainly would have), Favre would be in Foxboro today.

Only in the world of Peter King do three “if” statements make something a certainty [note: Benji actually pointed this out to me, but I’ll take the credit for it]. What bothers me more than just the sheer speculation and absurdity of this assertion (remember, King originally thought that Favre would stay retired, as he wrote at the bottom of the page) is that King dubbed the reader who contributed the idea “Emailer of the year” for his suggestion. I mean, Favre on the Patriots? That would combine King’s two favorite things in the world. I suppose one can hardly be surprised that he devoted two paragraphs of analysis to entertaining the idea of this fictional marriage.


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One Response to “Favre Favre Favre Patriots!”

  1. benjibrian Says:

    There’s a 50/50 chance that King came up with this idea himself and invented the emailer in order to give his column more credibility. “Jon Hall” sounds like a generic, made-up name to me. I wonder, also, if Jon Hall could be a pseudonym for Don Banks?


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