“Under Pressure:” ding-ding-ding-duh-duh-ding-ding


From weekly picks:

Minnesota Vikings (0-0) at Green Bay Packers (0-0)

Jared Allen pays dividends right away, tormenting Aaron Rodgers all night long. Allen’s going to be such a force this year, playing alongside Kevin and Pat Williams. I think Rodgers will be very good this year, but not on this night. Too much pressure.

I italicized Too much pressure because it is an example of Peter King’s exasperating tendency to be caught up in the moment while making a point, leading to him making an egregious exaggeration that undermines his analysis from another recent article. Not too long ago (two days ago to be exact), King stated:

I think you might be surprised at the NFL player who will be under the most pressure in September. Not Derek Anderson, the quarterback of the Browns, coming off such a lousy end to 2007. Not Steve Justice, the sixth-round rookie from Wake Forest, called on to open the season at center for Indianapolis. . . Not Matt Ryan or Brodie Croyle, handed the reins of bad teams with almost no chance of early success. Here’s my candidate: Artis Hicks.

King describes how Hicks has to fill in for a suspended Bryant McKinnie, and become the starting left tackle for the Vikings. I understand that Hicks will have a tough time, but it’s silly to suggest that he will be under the MOST pressure of any player. Anyone who watched the Monday Night Football telecast of Aaron Rodgers’s debut in Green Bay (replacing the legendary Brett Favre) is fully aware that he has more pressure on him than any player in recent memory.

It’s instances like this–when he uses excessive hyperbole in his writing and gets caught up in the story of the moment–that prevent King from sounding in control. He gets so excited about the Hicks/McKinnie development that he writes like it’s the most important issue—it’s important, but why sideline the Rodgers story? I was looking for a quote of King’s to show that he had previously stated Rodgers was under the most pressure of any player, but before I could find one he supplied a new one, two days after writing about Hicks. He puts the spotlight back on Rodgers, and does not even mention Hicks (or the unproven quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson, whose blind side Hicks is entrusted to protect) this time around.

[update: I found another quote by King on the topic of Rodgers facing pressure from an old MMQB:

The majority of this holiday edition of MMQB will be real-football-centric, starting with the story of the player {Tavaris Jackson] under as much pressure this season as any other player in the game, with the possible exception of Aaron Rodgers.


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