Labor Day–HBO Emmys


Today’s MMQB had the following quote:

Fairness in Journalism Department: I worked on HBO’s Inside the NFL for the past six years. Not that I’m sensitive about the quality of the show or anything like that, but this boring, bland show must have really put a lot of people to sleep. Three times in the past six years, this show that just sat there won the Emmy for Best Sports Studio Show. Not best football show. But best studio show in all of sports television. Three times, more than any other sports show in the past six years. Better than all the ESPN shows, better than the FOX shows, better than the shows on Showtime parent CBS.

There are a few problems with this paragraph. Some of King’s statements are misleading, while others are factually inaccurate. To begin, Emmy for Best Sports Studio Show is a category that has existed since 1988, but only since 2001 has it been divided into two categories, “Weekly” and “Daily” shows. Since that division, there have been seven winners of the award for the “Weekly” category, which Inside the NFL falls under. King only describes the six years he has worked on the show, but considering that the category he cites has only been around for seven years, it would follow that we include the entire seven year span. During the seven year span, HBO’s Inside the NFL won three times, ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown won three times, and ESPN’s College Gameday won once.

If you do not hold King accountable for all seven years, only the six years during his time on the show, you will notice from this link that Inside the NFL won three Emmys and ESPN programs won three Emmys during this span. It is true that no one show won as many Emmys as Inside the NFL did during that six year time frame, but King did not state that—he stated that Inside the NFL won more Emmys than “ALL THE ESPN SHOWS,” which is false.

King presents misleading statistics to portray Inside the NFL as the most decorated sports studio show, but it clearly is not. ESPN has four wins in the seven year history of the award, and NFL Sunday Countdown has the same number of Emmys as Inside the NFL.

[editor’s note: while I linked to a wikipedia article, I checked myself at the official website, looking up the past winners in the archives.]


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